A Letter To The Reader

A warning to the reader,

This blog is a mental/spiritual reflection of my life. Whatever I type is true because it has been inspired by recent events. Also, whatever I type relates back to the bible, and I will refer to it several times. That is my textbook for life. The title for this blog, Wandering in Wonder, comes from my life. I enjoy walking at night with my headphones on and just letting my mind wander. It calms me and allows me to think clearly.

This isn’t the “What Should You Do When…” or the countless ways to tell you God is a giant loveable teddy bear. This is a window into my relationship with God, one not built on rainbows, but storm clouds. The passion you may feel in my writing mainly comes from the pains of life, not the joys of it.

Everyone has a different relationship with God. Mine is based on me being the bad guy, and you will see that reflected in my writings. Don’t worry, I’ve put some hope in their too.

But as you read, please know; My relationship with God is more full of grit, pain, and tears. So please don’t read this into God being a jerk. I’m just a fool trying to explain the wonders of grace through life.

Enjoy your read.




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