To Discover

So right now, I sit. And I pray, that God continue to let me discover. And for me to be ok with that. I don’t know what I am doing here. I don’t know what God has planned for me tomorrow. I know I am here to serve well, however the Spirit leads. And I know, that whatever God has planned, it will be beautiful.


No Strings Attached

But I had strings, pulling me in all different directions. My body was not my own to control. And it was frustrating.

Prone To Wander

I could wander around God, or wander away from God. Both would be easy, and somewhat desirable.

Our Dance

Our relationship is built on rant-filled arguments and prayers that end in disgust and anger more than tears of joy.

Comfortably Trapped

Don’t get caught in the comfort trap. It feels so good to be kept in its chains that you’ll forget you’re not even free.

Addicted To The Escape

I could put in my earbuds and hit play, and everything else would fade away from existence.

The Diary of a Racially Confused Christian

Because I felt race did not matter, I felt that part of who God does not matter. Because I didn’t see the color of other people, I was purposefully ignoring some of the glory of God in them.

In God We Trust

Isn’t it funny? That phrase, on every dollar bill. As I put George Washington into the vending machine, trading In God We Trust for a pack of poptarts, the question rises in my head, “Is that all trust is worth?”  I’ve trusted in God for about 6 years now. That’s how long it’s been since…

The Relativity of Sin

Humanity has a habitual dependance on the notion of ┬árelativity. It’s because of this notion that art is so poignant. Art is an expression of emotion, all relative to the artist’s perspective on the world. However, the way the art is seen through the eyes of the viewer may convey and trigger different emotions. We…

Silence is Overrated

It seems that any time there is a controversial topic, everyone knows what should be done. Everyone has their own little solution that makes everything “just that simple.” I always find these solutions entertaining, and sometimes sad. We all have an idea of how to solve a problem, as long as we are not the…